We have a passion and a love to make a difference with each child at Little Thinkers.

  • We give each child the opportunity to excel by intertwining intentional teaching methods, guided skill based teaching and child initiated play based learning to create a balanced, fun learning programme;
  • Each child is recognised for their unique personality, ability and potential to develop skills and attitudes to support them on their lifelong journey.

Our Values

Each and every day, from drop off to pick up, we value the importance of ensuring that each child feels safe, secure and nurtured;

Each child’s individuality, their own personality and capabilities are at the forefront of any decisions we make;

We acknowledge and embrace our unique blend of cultures in Little Thinkers and in Aotearoa. We recognise and support each child to develop an understanding of Te Tiriti O Waitangi, with Māori as Tangata Whenua;

Our environment is stimulating, thought provoking and creative and taps into each child’s natural curiosity and desire to understand the world they live in;

We know that the strength of our team contributes to make Little Thinkers great, which is why we believe in a culture of gratitude and appreciation with our staff and valuing them for their individuality;

Our environment embraces sustainable practices, which are naturally embedded into the day to day running of our centre, while also extending these practices to our local community in Cambridge.