Our purpose built building is divided into 3 rooms with extra flexible early childhood learning spaces in each area. Our programme is consistent throughout all rooms, while being age and stage appropriate with a shared educational philosophy.  From one room to the next we build on their base skills, knowledge and attitudes establishing grounded foundations for life long learning.


This area is divided into two rooms, for walkers and non-walkers. We like to ensure that the smallest people at Little Thinkers centre are safe in their own environment. We provide an individualised programme based on your baby's needs, their routines and interests. Our programme reflects the ability to cater for all day care, as well as limited half day care spaces for your little ones.


We give our toddlers plenty of opportunities to extend their skills and knowledge as they learn about the world around them. We provide opportunities for spontaneous play and more structured activities to allow the children to grow and learn as individuals.


We continue to give our children opportunities to further extend themselves, learning about the world around them through our focus topics, developing their fine motor and gross motor skills, developing skills for school readiness especially in literacy and numeracy and understanding who they are and gaining confidence in themselves, to make the transition to school as seamless as possible.

Through our early childhood education programme we will:

  • Support children to discover their own self-worth, to enable them to feel confident in themselves;
  • Provide an educational environment rich in language, literacy and numeracy;
  • Support children to open their minds, acquire new skills and embrace familiar and different experiences;
  • Support children to develop their social competence skills;
  • Strive to recognise and affirm the cultural identity of each child;
  • Provide opportunities for children to discover their own special strengths and interests.


At Little Thinkers in Cambridge, you will see:

  • Children who are happy and laughing:
  • Children chatting;
  • Teachers creating new and exciting learning environments for the children to explore each day;
  • Groups of children creating screen prints, glass prints, foam stamp paintings, splatter paintings, portraits of themselves and many more creations using multi mediums;
  • Teachers working with small groups of children, guiding, teaching with intentional purpose;
  • Groups of children cutting, gluing, creating and using writing tools;
  • Teachers with one child, working one-to-one working on their individual needs;
  • Children at the practical life area, developing their fine motor skills;
  • Children playing individually or with their peers on activities of interest to them;
  • Children self exploring the inspiring environment
  • Children baking;
  • Children at mat time, participating in music activities, discussions, show and tell, guided teaching time.
  • Groups of children in the family corner with the dolls, cooking, feeding and engaging in imaginative play;
  • Groups of children building with the construction sets, blocks and train/road sets;
  • Children outside on bikes;
  • Children in small groups exploring the gardens outside;
  • Children in the sandpit engaging in imaginative play;
  • Children balancing, climbing, swinging – developing their gross motor skills;
  • Children developing their hand-eye skills at the carpentry table.
  • Children further developing their skills at the daily focus activity.

All our children will be having fun, working with our passionate kindergarten teachers who have a genuine interest into your child’s well-being and their educational journey.