Little Thinkers kindergarten Cambridge

Alicia (Liss) and Ilonca owners of Little Thinkers.

We are so excited to be able to offer families of Cambridge a different childcare or daycare option.  One that is unique and different  which will inspire and motivate your little ones.

We know how hard it is to choose an Early Childhood centre for your child.  As parents, this can be such a daunting experience, to trust other people with your little ones. We too found this hard for the little ones in our family. We searched for an educational centre that would meet all our inspirations as parents for our own little people, but found this very difficult. We then decided to utilise our own extensive experience in both Early Childhood and Primary education to create and design our own unique, educational learning centre for our little people and the little people in Cambridge.

Little Thinkers kindergarten in Cambridge has been a journey for us, two years in the making. It is not a standard daycare, childcare or preschool, we are so much more.  For every decision we have made on this journey, it has been a decision made from the heart – to be able to provide the best we possibly can. We wanted this to be the perfect kindy for little people.  A place that has structure and is creative and inspires the love of learning in each child. A place that has a balance of fun, laughter,  play, creative arts and a genuine focus on literacy and numeracy whilst also embracing children’s play and supporting exploration and curiosity. A place where we celebrate children’s learning. A place which has friendly, happy, passionate and welcoming teachers who have a genuine love for children and their learning outcomes. We wanted to make the decision easy for parents to choose the right childcare or daycare centre, knowing that their child is safe, happy and learning in an inspirational environment.   We wanted to remove any fear you may have and replace this with feelings of security and fun. We want to keep parents informed of their child’s journey, so we ensure that the partnership between the teaching staff and parents is an open, warm  relationship, sharing information both ways. 

We just cannot wait to meet and support your little ones to flourish and to reach their full potential.

Little Thinkers are ‘LITTLE PEOPLE, THINKING BIG!’