Parent Information

We are open for 52 weeks of the year, only closing for Public Holidays.  We operate on a term by term basis, with a holiday programme during the term breaks. 

Flexible Days

We are open from Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm, children can attend all day (a minimum of 6.5 hrs) or there are a limited number of sessions available.   For us it is so important to ensure that each and every day each child feels safe, secure and nurtured.  We know that only then can children truely thrive.  This is why we recommend that your child is booked in for at least 2 days a week, to make this transition easier.  However we are happy to work with each family to ensure we can meet your individual needs and circumstances. 


We will ensure you are well informed about what is going on at Little Thinkers and how your child is progressing.  This is through regular updates, photos, learning stories and conversations at drop off and pick up times.  We are always happy to chat about your child, and if more time is needed we will make this available or find a time that suits.

Rooms and Ratios

Quality educational childcare is a high priority for us, and we know to be successful at this we need to have the best conditions for our children and teachers.  One of the many ways we do this is we operate well above the Ministry of Education required ratio’s of 1:5 for under 2’s and 1:10 for over 2’s.   We ensure our staffing meets the needs of our children, and ensure we have extra staff when and if needed.

Food and Nutrition – Whole Foods Menu

At Little Thinkers we value the importance of food and nutrition.  We offer a whole foods menu, including unprocessed, seasonal and healthy ingredients that are nutrient-rich. 


At Little Thinkers we embrace sustainable practices which are naturally embedded into the day to day running of our centre. 

These include:

  • carefully selecting our resources;
  • establishing our Carbon Cycle Composter and extending this to our local community;
  • growing, caring and harvesting our fruit and vegetables to be utilised in our menu;
  • implementing our centre wide reusable nappy programme alongside washable individual hand towels;
  • reducing your child’s risk to toxins and chemicals where possible;
  • educating the children around other environmental factors;
  • implementing solar energy as an alternative/supplementary energy source.