The Ongoing Benefits of Kindergarten

It’s a known fact that kindergarten offers ongoing benefits for children and families. It allows for quality childcare during working hours, a chance for children to build social connections and learn, and for the family to develop beautiful community connections. The benefits are vast and have been studied worldwide. Little Thinkers has a clear philosophy of making a difference with each child by providing them optimal opportunities for growth, education, development, connection and fun. The benefits of kindergarten are plentiful!


Kindergarten (kindy) provides children with life skills and opportunities in all development areas. Growing through play and interaction is key for the growth of children, it allows them to connect not only with other peers but to themselves and a wider community. In kindergarten children are connected with their world and learn with others.


Studies have shown that children who attend a high-quality early childhood program have more improved skills in educational areas such as reading, numeracy, communication and problem-solving. At Little Thinkers kindy in Cambridge, we provide an educational environment rich in language, literacy and numeracy to support children to open their minds, acquire new skills and embrace new educational experiences as evolving learners. We have carefully sourced resources for all rooms to ensure many opportunities for open-ended play, science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) activities, along with


Learning through creativity is powerful for a child’s development as it activates a different part of the brain. Children are naturally creative and participating in creative thinking and play allows them to explore the world and themselves uniquely. Our Cambridge kindy rooms are developed with creative arts, imaginative play and teacher-guided resources.


Children’s sense of competence and self-worth grows as they learn to take care of both themselves and others. Teachers guide them to partake in self-care with hygiene and organisation. At kindergarten children develop a strong sense of identity by becoming independent away from their primary caregivers and by exploring their feelings and relationship with others.


The physical environment allows children to explore and be challenged in new ways while developing motor skills. Little Thinkers offers a stimulating, thought-provoking environment which taps into each child’s natural sense of curiosity and desire to understand the world they live in. Call our Cambridge kindergarten or register your interest online today.