What Makes Kindergarten Such a Special Part of a Kiwi Childhood

Were you a kindy kid? A lot of us grew up with kindergarten, reaping the many benefits that it offers. But today’s modern families often don’t suit the traditionally shorter hours. Little Thinkers kindergarten in Cambridge is different: we offer classic kindy values with the hours of an early childhood centre. As we prepare for the Little Thinkers opening day, we wanted to share our thoughts on why kindergarten is such a special part of a Kiwi childhood.


Spending time at kindy is often a child’s first step into a world beyond mum and dad. Hard as it is to say goodbye that first day, this big milestone is an important one. Without having a parent to look to and lean on, we see tremendous growth and courage as children step outside their comfort zone and discover their independence.

Early friendships

From babies mirroring expressions to parallel play in our toddler’s room and gorgeous moments of genuine comradery among our preschoolers, kindergarten is very likely where your children will make their first friends. At our Cambridge kindergarten, children learn how to interact with each other, developing an understanding of sharing toys, talking turns and listening. These early experiences are the foundations for lifelong positive social interaction.

Outdoor galore

If there’s one thing that NZ kindergartens are famous for, it’s their abundant outdoor playgrounds. The outdoor area at our Cambridge kindy has been designed to let young children explore, create and challenge themselves safely. It stimulates their imagination and leads to hours of fun.
By embracing all weather and using changeable moveable equipment, no two days are alike when playing outside.

Engaging kindergarten resources

If you ever feel stuck in a rut with your child’s toys at home, you’re not alone. Whether it’s Duplo or dolls, even the best toys sometimes get a little stale. At our kindergarten, we have carefully sourced a wide variety of resources that let us keep things interesting every single day.

Semi-structured educational programmes

Kindy strikes the perfect balance between structure and free play. We know how important play-based learning is, so we give our children plenty of time to follow their own rhythm. At the same time, we understand the value of structured educational environments that introduce language, literacy and numeracy. By embracing both play and structure, we empower youngsters to develop all the skills they need to grow and thrive.

The world’s best early childhood teachers

Whether they’re leading a painting session or supervising outdoor exploration, a kindy teacher is worth his or her weight in gold. Little Thinkers has sought out Cambridge’s best early childhood teachers, creating a space that is welcoming, comforting and educational.

Are you looking for a kindergarten in Cambridge?

We can’t wait to open our doors and welcome the local community to our quality kindy! Call Little Thinkers in Cambridge or register your interest online today.